Mengeleistic, Mengeletastic, or Mengelepalooza?

How is this possible? I mean, Planned Parenthood does not kill babies which are human, it aborts fetusus (perhaps fetii?), which any enlightened person knows are merely the bi-products of conception. Yet somehow, these fetuses, which are clearly not people because they are fetuses and not people, are having their parts “harvested” and sold for medical research. This is OK, because it will ultimately benefit people. How is this possible? Apparently, their organs are the same as human organs. But they are not human organs, they are fetus organs, which cannot be human organs because they’re fetus organs, but somehow they are the same. And these organs have a certain monetary value, so, hey, it’s really just capitalism, which is odd because enlightened people hate capitalism, so why would they engage in it? Capitalism is evil! I speculate that it’s because it’s for the common “good”, and if they make a buck out of it, it’s just a bi-product of the common good. And the end always justifies the means.

Regardless, you can’t blame every Planned Parenthood facility for this type of behavior, because it has not been proven that all of them engage in this activity – unlike all Catholic priests, who are pedophiles. This is despite the fact that Dr. Deborah Nucatola is Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood. That’s probably just an honorary title or something, she has no real authority. She was misquoted. Or taken out of context. Or she had too much red wine with lunch. Or she’s gone rogue, kind of like Sarah Palin, except that Sarah Palin is evil (and stupid), and that’s where the focus should be, on evil.

I read an article comparing Dr. Deborah Nucatola to Hannibal Lecter.
Two big differences:
Lecter was certified as criminally insane
Lecter is not a real person

Dizzying… I am confused. I require progressive nuance.

Bottom line: Dr. Deborah Nucatola is a ghoul.

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Frankie Earthquakes II

Yep, Il Papa is at it again.  This time he’s talking about the environment.  Of course, the MSM “interprets” what he said to suit their own ends.  I have not read much about what he’s said (yet), but I’m sure a lot of the things he said were common sense, like respecting nature and being stewards of the planet.


For the record, I used to be a big believer that global warming was man made.  This is going back about 10 years or so.  I did a lot of reading about it.  As a result of my research, I no longer believe that that is the case.  The environmentalists first claimed it was Global Cooling, and that man’s CO2 mayhem would cause another ice age.  Just an FYI, we are still in the process of coming out of the last ice age, and are probably due for another one.  Well, then they decided it wasn’t getting cooler, it was getting warmer, so now it was called Global Warming, and that’s when the movement really took off.  But then, the data didn’t quite hash out again, and Global Cooling was back.  And then more things changed, and we were back to Global Warming.  At this point, the whole “hockey stick” fiasco came to light, and I believe the whole scheme was debunked.  No way!  The name was changed to Climate Change, because the environmentalists behind the curtain figured that even their most ardent and uninformed supporters would catch on that they couldn’t get their story straight with all of the name changes.  And remember the first rule of data modeling:  If the data doesn’t fit the model, change the data.

I remember a few years ago, when everyone was screaming about the melting polar ice caps.  I read an article about it.  From NASA.  They had photographic evidence the ice caps were melting.  On Mars.  Maybe it has something to do with the sun?  And now, the sun has entered a phase of decreased activity, and things  don’t seem to be as warm this Spring.  Hmmm…

So now, disagree and you’re a climate denier.  FYI – the planet’s climate has been changing since there’s been an atmosphere.  There were times when it was a lot hotter, and times when it was a lot colder.  Most of these times predate human existence.  But what do I know?  I just think we should follow the money.

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What We’re Up Against

OK, so the Supreme Court has jettisoned common sense and basic biology. This will open the floodgates for conventional polygamy (which I can make an argument is a more historically and biologically “normal” lifestyle), as well as who knows what. Perhaps groups of people getting married, kind of like state approved swingers. As it turns out, we live in “interesting times”. Recently, a NY court granted personhood status to two chimpanzees, but this was later revoked. If it had not been…

What I really want to comment on is the Regressive mindset. I was walking with my “tolerant” co-workers recently, heading for lunch. A group of young adults were out, promoting their local evangelical church group, singing and handing out flyers. One of my co-workers took a pamphlet to see what they were all about. The first page she flipped to was disparaging evolution. Now, I subscribe to the theory of evolution, but would also like to point out that the “theory” portion kind of means that it’s not yet proven. Plus, the earth is more than 6000 years old, science has proven that. Next was a page about the evils of abortion, which my co-workers snorted about derisively. I bet if I asked them about Margaret Sanger, they would say “Who?”. At this point, the pamphlet was discarded. However, the conversation continued, with me playing the role of observer. It was strictly a tolerance for thee, not for me, anti-Christian mentality. It was how Christians were stupid for believing fairy stories about eternal punishment for behavior, and how much Kool Aid they were drinking. Up to this point, it was all very pedestrian commentary.

Then there was a comment in there about Christians’ belief in “zombie Jesus”. Offensive to me, but humorous for them because nobody’s going to get their head chopped off. Then came the money quote. I wish I could put it down verbatim, but my head almost launched off of my shoulders. Here’s the gist: I don’t think people should have the right to indoctrinate children with religion. Yep, heard right here in the good old US of A. How thoroughly un-American. As they say, inside of every Regressive beats the heart of a tyrant. And, apparently, a brain that is unaware of (or rejects) the first line of the first amendment of the Constitution.

These are the same people who scoff at the notion that there’s a war on religion in this country. They scream for tolerance for all sorts of behavior. They attack anybody who doesn’t think their way, because they are correct and smarted than you and me. In fact, we’re stupid (that is a verbatim quote). They rail against the war on women, but frequent “gentlemen’s clubs”. They eschew basic morality as being outdated, despite disease statistics. And they would do away with our most basic rights as Americans.

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Since Last We Met…

Leonard Nimoy passed away – he lived long and prospered! An icon!

deGrom showed that he is not a beast, but is The Beast! The definitive article, as it were! This past weekend, The Beast and The Dark Knight gave up a total of three runs, and got two losses to show for it because the Mets’ offense is, well, offensive.

The Baptizers have a new coach. I was on the fence about Coach Lavin until I saw that Chris Obekpa would not be available for the tournament, then I lost it. I thought the post on was either a joke or an old thread that had been revived – nope, it was legit and current. Bad enough when you lose a starting player for a stupid reason, worse when you have absolutely nobody to even fill his space. I am hopeful about the Favored Son as the new coach, despite his lack of coaching experience. He’s got every other facet of the game covered, and I know he knows the game. Here’s hoping for a brighter future at Union and Utopia.

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The Big Game

I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I liked the Seahawks when they were in the AFC and had silver helmets. And I hate the Patriots. Belichick is unlikable… the best comment I heard was somebody comparing him to R. Milhous Nixon. Don’t like Tom Brady, Still can’t believe he walked away from Bridget Moynahan. I think the whole deflate-gate thing is ridiculous – thanks for killing sports talk radio for two weeks.

The prediction: Seattle 22, New England 16.

Yeah, I know the score is ridiculously unlikely, but I’m just trying to make it interesting.

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St. Nick Giveth, Eon Taketh Away

Yep, all of the good feelings on the Union and Utopia hardwood have evaporated.  They were spirited away just before 2014 was, seemingly abducted by some over-sized buzzard, with his intent that we will never see them again.  And will we?  I really don’t know.

My fellow masochists at got the new coach thread hopping again right after today’s debacle in the land of Lincoln.  I understand this, as I share their frustration.  So what’s going to happen?  The thought of a new coaching staff is upsetting, because I see it as a setback to the program.  A new coach will have to rebuild the program, and that takes time, as in a few seasons.  As a Met/Jet fan, I have gone through this too many times.  I do not expect a championship every decade (and a good thing, too), but I do insist on being competitive against whoever we play.

My speculation?  If there is no NCAA tournament, then we get a new coach.  Anything short of that is a failure for the program, and a final one for the coaching staff.  They could not get it done with their players, why should they get another chance to disappoint?

I do think we’ll be dancing this March, but I don’t think that is enough.  We need to make some noise, we can’t be one and done.  It’s a matter of return on investment.  The current staff is very expensive, and unless they start balancing the sheet, I think they’re gone.

That said, I want the team to win.  I want the coaching staff to succeed.  I want some hardware, and a return to prominence.

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Whoop-de-do and Hickory Dock

It’s Turbo Time!

First, let’s cover all of the bases…
Happy Hannukah
Happy Solstice
Happy Festivus
Happy Gurnenthar’s Ascendance
May 2015 be 100% Excelsior!

What did I get for Christmas this year? An unexpected 10-1 record for the Redmen! They of the University of the Voice in the Desert, second cousin of The Man, Who is, of course, the reason for the season. See? It all ties together.  Oh, and by the way, it’s not The Man’s birthday, it is the feast day upon which we celebrate His birthday.  Those in the know speculate His actual birthday is in early April.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Christmas, for our allies across the pond who speak English)! May your day be filled with Bumbles and dancing like Frankenstein. According to my sources, it will definitely contain Bonetti’s defense, Scott Farcas, and Stannie and Ollie.  And church should be priority #1 on your list.

Like Ernest P. Worrell, I am one with the Yuletide.

Release the Kringle! Have a Cool Yule!

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