Il Papa

I like Pope Francis.    He’s changed a lot of people’s perceptions, and, since for many, perception is reality, that’s a great thing.  Of course, Pope Benedict, had no shot with the media painting him as one of Adolph’s lackeys – pulled out of the seminary at 16, made part of an artillery battery, from which he promptly went AWOL – truly, NINO!

But back to the new boss.  It concerns me that people are twisting what he says for their own purposes.  I tell people that if they didn’t read it on the Vatican website, then take it with a bag of salt.  And if the source is or HuffPo, then stop wasting your time.  My fear is that, ultimately, people will think he’s going to (a) ordain women priests, (b) relax rules on abortion, and/or (c) approve gay marriage.

Now batting for the pontiff… SPOCKY RAMONE!  If I may be so bold as to pinch hit, as the HF is busy with more important issues:

(a) – not happening, (b) – not happening, (c) – not happening.

My concern is that a lot of people will have their misguided hopes dashed, and there will be a sizable backlash and many will bail on the Universal Church.  This would be upsetting, but, sadly, I think they’re already heading for the door.  Too many of them are Nancy Pelosi Catholics.

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