My Teams (Or, This Is Supposed To Be Fun, Right?)

The Redmen.  The Metropolitans.  The Jets.  All lousy.  Not much to look forward to in 2014 for the Mets outside of Zach Wheeler.  I’m expecting the Grandyman (who I like a lot) to turn out to be a bust, much like almost all Met free agent signings (see Foster, Jeromy, Bay, Appier, are you feeling my pain?).  The Jets are the Jets.  Rex deserved to come back after the year they had, but they have no talent t the skill positions.  Maybe they’ll get lucky and draft A&M’s JM and then at least they’ll be interesting… otherwise same old, same old.

As far as SJU is concerned, the Kool-Aid is no longer effective for this season.  I had more important things to do today, so I taped the game – I will be deleting it shortly, without viewing it.  42-16 at the half is all I needed to hear.  Are they ever going to be worth watching on a regular basis again?  It’s been years since then.  Will they ever have more than one consistent outside threat on the team?  I don’t even recall this ever being the case.

They looked good against Syracuse.  Yes, they lost, but played good D and had great ball movement on offense.  I figured I would see that against Xavier’s zone.  Instead, it was bombs away, and bad shots at that.  Then I get to hear about how badly they want to beat the Hoyas, and then they come out and get embarrassed.  For once, I want my team to back up their rhetoric, otherwise spare us the babble, it’s a waste of time and pi$$es me off!

My fellow masochists at are raging, and it’s hard to find fault.  Should Lavin be on the hot seat?  IMHO, not yet.  Let the year play out, and examine the results.  I believe anything less than the Big Dance is a failed season, especially in a down Big East.  Next year, he will have had his players for 4 years, if there’s no tournament after that, then perhaps it’s time to part company.  His big selling point was recruiting, but the bottom line is always the bottom line.

The Redmen have had one NCAA Tournament year in 10.  Sorry, but that’s unacceptable.  Another 2 years of that and it’s time for a change.  But where to go?  Maybe Danny Hurley if he’s successful at RI.  He certainly has the coaching genes and the point guard mindset.  Or Tim Cluess if he continues to do good things at Iona.  I would want a head coach with actual head coaching experience (aka not Norm) and is a good X-and-O’s guy (aka not Lavin).

And regarding that point, what’s up with Lavin and his coaching skills?  We have Gene Keady sitting on the sidelines, why does the team frequently look like they can’t get it together? Super frustrating!  Maybe we’re just snake bit…

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