My Impressive Psychic Abilities

Can I come up with 6 winning numbers?  No way.  This season’s Super Bowl winner?  Negative.  Who will come out on top in the mid term elections?  Probably not, although history indicates a GOP gain in Congress.  However, I unfortunately put the horns on Curtis Granderson (see my previous post).  A meager 17 apple-raisers and he’s been spending too much time flirting with Mario Mendoza.  But it hasn’t been all lemons for the Metropolitans, just mostly.  deGrom has been a beast, and Wheeler keeps on showing that potential.  I love Lagares in center.  d’Arnaud is starting to rake, and Duda has been a legit power threat.  Full disclosure – I was an Ike guy, I had had enough of Lucas, but props to Sandy, he traded the right player.  


It’s easy to get pumped up for next year, but no Kool-Aid for me.  Let’s see Harvey come back, and the Captain get back on track.  Let’s be in the mix at the All-Star break, and then we can discuss post-season aspirations.  Until then, I will be skeptical, especially with another bat being a major need.  I am not a Starling Castro fan, but he might be the best bat available in the off season, but you never know.  Mex wound up on the team for a reliever and a potential, and The Kid for some quality components, so you never know who might be in Port St. Lucie.


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