Compare and Contrast

It is 9.7 miles from Citi Field to Yankee Stadium.  The actual distance might as well be a light year.  Each team had a player retire today.  For the Bombers, it was the team captain, the face of the organization, a HOFer, a 20 year player for whom fans traveled to Boston in droves to send him off in style.  And, as usual, he delivered.  For my beloved Metropolitans, it was a player signed on 4/1/2014.  My first thought was “Bobby Abreu?  Is this an April Fool’s joke?”  No joke, it was legit, and so was Bobby.  He carried the Mets (as it were) shortly after being signed, then he tailed off.  Like Derek Jeter, he once wore pinstripes.  Like Derek Jeter, he ended his career with a single.  Of course, Jeter’s hit plated a run.

I wish them both well in their retirements, if you can call it that.

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