Roll ‘Em Out

So, it was Midnight Madness at Union and Utopia. A veritable swarm of recruits in the house. According to my fellow masochists, it was spectacular, so we’re good on that front.

And what front are we not good on? I’ve heard a lot of chirping from our heroes. Talk is good if you’ve proven you can back it up. Last I checked, we were basking in the glory of a one seed in the NIT, while Robert Morris was laying hammer to head. Mr. Greene has said that the Redmen have the best backcourt in the country. High praise indeed – prove it. Mr. Harrison has said that Seton Hall is not our rival, Syracuse is. I think Syracuse’s big concern with us is looking past the game. Coach has said that Chris Obekpa will average a double double, not counting blocks. I am somewhat skeptical.

I am looking forward to the season, and do have high hopes. But, until I see some results, the Kool-Aid will remain in the fridge. I’m hoping that I have a reason to down the whole pitcher on Thanksgiving.

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