Thanksgiving 2014, Filled With Great Victories

Happy Thanksgiving!  At this moment, all is right with the world.  My beloved Redmen stepped up and played a gutty (aka ugly) game against a tough Minnesota team, and somehow managed to pull it out, going away.  The defense was stifling, especially in the second half.  I thought the team looked good from a coaching perspective – excellent spacing and good ball movement.  The shortcomings were from downtown (not surprising, although 15.4% is unexpectedly bad) and the entitlement bar – an unforgivable 59.5% (perhaps it’s the entitlement bar sinister).  Can’t blame Lav for that.  The positives – 3’Angelo showed up and took over, Sheed looked pretty good, and Sir’Dom had a much better game than the box score indicates.  Zags up next, we owe them for a couple of NCAA tournament losses.

What else is right on this Thanksgiving?  The same thing that is always right on Thanksgiving.  March of the Wooden Soldiers is on, the greatest movie ever!  It has everything you could want:

Laurel and Hardy at their comedic finest

Amazing displays of hand-eye coordination

One of the all time great villains, Silas Barnaby

Barnaby’s lackey, the forerunner of Tattoo


Sprawling fight scenes

“I though you wanted 100 soldiers at 6 feet high”

Horror, courtesy of the bogeymen

A Western torpedo flinging mouse in a blimp

Enter Sandman

An alligator infested moat

The headless soldier, so tenacious he chases one of the bogeymen through a wall

For the women, the love story and impressive pipes courtesy of Tom Tom and Mother Goose

“Let’s get the cannon and give them a parting shot!”  I love how all of the townspeople laugh at Ollie when he’s got about one hundred darts stuck in his back.  Thanks for saving us from death and destruction, as well as the laugh!


Balloon-inflicted violence

And, the piece de resistance, the instrumental “March of the Toys”, coupled with the stop motion animation of the wooden soldiers.  It still gets me pumped up!

The parting shot has been fired, have a great Thanksgiving!

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