Whoop-de-do and Hickory Dock

It’s Turbo Time!

First, let’s cover all of the bases…
Happy Hannukah
Happy Solstice
Happy Festivus
Happy Gurnenthar’s Ascendance
May 2015 be 100% Excelsior!

What did I get for Christmas this year? An unexpected 10-1 record for the Redmen! They of the University of the Voice in the Desert, second cousin of The Man, Who is, of course, the reason for the season. See? It all ties together.  Oh, and by the way, it’s not The Man’s birthday, it is the feast day upon which we celebrate His birthday.  Those in the know speculate His actual birthday is in early April.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Christmas, for our allies across the pond who speak English)! May your day be filled with Bumbles and dancing like Frankenstein. According to my sources, it will definitely contain Bonetti’s defense, Scott Farcas, and Stannie and Ollie.  And church should be priority #1 on your list.

Like Ernest P. Worrell, I am one with the Yuletide.

Release the Kringle! Have a Cool Yule!

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