St. Nick Giveth, Eon Taketh Away

Yep, all of the good feelings on the Union and Utopia hardwood have evaporated.  They were spirited away just before 2014 was, seemingly abducted by some over-sized buzzard, with his intent that we will never see them again.  And will we?  I really don’t know.

My fellow masochists at got the new coach thread hopping again right after today’s debacle in the land of Lincoln.  I understand this, as I share their frustration.  So what’s going to happen?  The thought of a new coaching staff is upsetting, because I see it as a setback to the program.  A new coach will have to rebuild the program, and that takes time, as in a few seasons.  As a Met/Jet fan, I have gone through this too many times.  I do not expect a championship every decade (and a good thing, too), but I do insist on being competitive against whoever we play.

My speculation?  If there is no NCAA tournament, then we get a new coach.  Anything short of that is a failure for the program, and a final one for the coaching staff.  They could not get it done with their players, why should they get another chance to disappoint?

I do think we’ll be dancing this March, but I don’t think that is enough.  We need to make some noise, we can’t be one and done.  It’s a matter of return on investment.  The current staff is very expensive, and unless they start balancing the sheet, I think they’re gone.

That said, I want the team to win.  I want the coaching staff to succeed.  I want some hardware, and a return to prominence.

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