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Frankie Earthquakes II

Yep, Il Papa is at it again.  This time he’s talking about the environment.  Of course, the MSM “interprets” what he said to suit their own ends.  I have not read much about what he’s said (yet), but I’m sure … Continue reading

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What We’re Up Against

OK, so the Supreme Court has jettisoned common sense and basic biology. This will open the floodgates for conventional polygamy (which I can make an argument is a more historically and biologically “normal” lifestyle), as well as who knows what. … Continue reading

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Since Last We Met…

Leonard Nimoy passed away – he lived long and prospered! An icon! deGrom showed that he is not a beast, but is The Beast! The definitive article, as it were! This past weekend, The Beast and The Dark Knight gave … Continue reading

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