Since Last We Met…

Leonard Nimoy passed away – he lived long and prospered! An icon!

deGrom showed that he is not a beast, but is The Beast! The definitive article, as it were! This past weekend, The Beast and The Dark Knight gave up a total of three runs, and got two losses to show for it because the Mets’ offense is, well, offensive.

The Baptizers have a new coach. I was on the fence about Coach Lavin until I saw that Chris Obekpa would not be available for the tournament, then I lost it. I thought the post on was either a joke or an old thread that had been revived – nope, it was legit and current. Bad enough when you lose a starting player for a stupid reason, worse when you have absolutely nobody to even fill his space. I am hopeful about the Favored Son as the new coach, despite his lack of coaching experience. He’s got every other facet of the game covered, and I know he knows the game. Here’s hoping for a brighter future at Union and Utopia.

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