What We’re Up Against

OK, so the Supreme Court has jettisoned common sense and basic biology. This will open the floodgates for conventional polygamy (which I can make an argument is a more historically and biologically “normal” lifestyle), as well as who knows what. Perhaps groups of people getting married, kind of like state approved swingers. As it turns out, we live in “interesting times”. Recently, a NY court granted personhood status to two chimpanzees, but this was later revoked. If it had not been…

What I really want to comment on is the Regressive mindset. I was walking with my “tolerant” co-workers recently, heading for lunch. A group of young adults were out, promoting their local evangelical church group, singing and handing out flyers. One of my co-workers took a pamphlet to see what they were all about. The first page she flipped to was disparaging evolution. Now, I subscribe to the theory of evolution, but would also like to point out that the “theory” portion kind of means that it’s not yet proven. Plus, the earth is more than 6000 years old, science has proven that. Next was a page about the evils of abortion, which my co-workers snorted about derisively. I bet if I asked them about Margaret Sanger, they would say “Who?”. At this point, the pamphlet was discarded. However, the conversation continued, with me playing the role of observer. It was strictly a tolerance for thee, not for me, anti-Christian mentality. It was how Christians were stupid for believing fairy stories about eternal punishment for behavior, and how much Kool Aid they were drinking. Up to this point, it was all very pedestrian commentary.

Then there was a comment in there about Christians’ belief in “zombie Jesus”. Offensive to me, but humorous for them because nobody’s going to get their head chopped off. Then came the money quote. I wish I could put it down verbatim, but my head almost launched off of my shoulders. Here’s the gist: I don’t think people should have the right to indoctrinate children with religion. Yep, heard right here in the good old US of A. How thoroughly un-American. As they say, inside of every Regressive beats the heart of a tyrant. And, apparently, a brain that is unaware of (or rejects) the first line of the first amendment of the Constitution.

These are the same people who scoff at the notion that there’s a war on religion in this country. They scream for tolerance for all sorts of behavior. They attack anybody who doesn’t think their way, because they are correct and smarted than you and me. In fact, we’re stupid (that is a verbatim quote). They rail against the war on women, but frequent “gentlemen’s clubs”. They eschew basic morality as being outdated, despite disease statistics. And they would do away with our most basic rights as Americans.

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