Mengeleistic, Mengeletastic, or Mengelepalooza?

How is this possible? I mean, Planned Parenthood does not kill babies which are human, it aborts fetusus (perhaps fetii?), which any enlightened person knows are merely the bi-products of conception. Yet somehow, these fetuses, which are clearly not people because they are fetuses and not people, are having their parts “harvested” and sold for medical research. This is OK, because it will ultimately benefit people. How is this possible? Apparently, their organs are the same as human organs. But they are not human organs, they are fetus organs, which cannot be human organs because they’re fetus organs, but somehow they are the same. And these organs have a certain monetary value, so, hey, it’s really just capitalism, which is odd because enlightened people hate capitalism, so why would they engage in it? Capitalism is evil! I speculate that it’s because it’s for the common “good”, and if they make a buck out of it, it’s just a bi-product of the common good. And the end always justifies the means.

Regardless, you can’t blame every Planned Parenthood facility for this type of behavior, because it has not been proven that all of them engage in this activity – unlike all Catholic priests, who are pedophiles. This is despite the fact that Dr. Deborah Nucatola is Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood. That’s probably just an honorary title or something, she has no real authority. She was misquoted. Or taken out of context. Or she had too much red wine with lunch. Or she’s gone rogue, kind of like Sarah Palin, except that Sarah Palin is evil (and stupid), and that’s where the focus should be, on evil.

I read an article comparing Dr. Deborah Nucatola to Hannibal Lecter.
Two big differences:
Lecter was certified as criminally insane
Lecter is not a real person

Dizzying… I am confused. I require progressive nuance.

Bottom line: Dr. Deborah Nucatola is a ghoul.

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