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Mengeleistic, Mengeletastic, or Mengelepalooza?

How is this possible? I mean, Planned Parenthood does not kill babies which are human, it aborts fetusus (perhaps fetii?), which any enlightened person knows are merely the bi-products of conception. Yet somehow, these fetuses, which are clearly not people … Continue reading

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Frankie Earthquakes II

Yep, Il Papa is at it again.  This time he’s talking about the environment.  Of course, the MSM “interprets” what he said to suit their own ends.  I have not read much about what he’s said (yet), but I’m sure … Continue reading

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What We’re Up Against

OK, so the Supreme Court has jettisoned common sense and basic biology. This will open the floodgates for conventional polygamy (which I can make an argument is a more historically and biologically “normal” lifestyle), as well as who knows what. … Continue reading

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Since Last We Met…

Leonard Nimoy passed away – he lived long and prospered! An icon! deGrom showed that he is not a beast, but is The Beast! The definitive article, as it were! This past weekend, The Beast and The Dark Knight gave … Continue reading

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The Big Game

I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I liked the Seahawks when they were in the AFC and had silver helmets. And I hate the Patriots. Belichick is unlikable… the best comment I heard was somebody comparing him … Continue reading

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St. Nick Giveth, Eon Taketh Away

Yep, all of the good feelings on the Union and Utopia hardwood have evaporated.  They were spirited away just before 2014 was, seemingly abducted by some over-sized buzzard, with his intent that we will never see them again.  And will … Continue reading

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Whoop-de-do and Hickory Dock

It’s Turbo Time! First, let’s cover all of the bases… Happy Hannukah Happy Solstice Happy Festivus Happy Gurnenthar’s Ascendance May 2015 be 100% Excelsior! What did I get for Christmas this year? An unexpected 10-1 record for the Redmen! They … Continue reading

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