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St. Nick Giveth, Eon Taketh Away

Yep, all of the good feelings on the Union and Utopia hardwood have evaporated.  They were spirited away just before 2014 was, seemingly abducted by some over-sized buzzard, with his intent that we will never see them again.  And will … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2014, Filled With Great Victories

Happy Thanksgiving!  At this moment, all is right with the world.  My beloved Redmen stepped up and played a gutty (aka ugly) game against a tough Minnesota team, and somehow managed to pull it out, going away.  The defense was … Continue reading

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My Teams (Or, This Is Supposed To Be Fun, Right?)

The Redmen.  The Metropolitans.  The Jets.  All lousy.  Not much to look forward to in 2014 for the Mets outside of Zach Wheeler.  I’m expecting the Grandyman (who I like a lot) to turn out to be a bust, much … Continue reading

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Tip Off 2013-2014

A little over a half an hour until my beloved Redmen (not pc, I know), tip off in South Dakota against Wisconsin. To be honest, I have consumed mass quantities of kool-aid over the years regarding the Vincentians, and this … Continue reading

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